Summer Camp Infomation

Hello and welcome to our Little Brook Farm Summer Camp information page this will give you updates on the current offerings and dates for summer camp.

Age requirement: typically 4-17 years of age(exceptions can be made for younger campers)


Campers 3-10 years of age- $450

Campers 10-18 years of age- $400

For all campers per day is $80 of you only available one day of the week.

Summer camp starts at 9 am and ends at 4 pm please have your camper ready with all the daily needs such water, sunscreen, hat, bathing suit, snacks, money if needed for local store, and other special needs for your child.

Please have your Child ready at 9 am sharp and promptly picked up at 4pm, please and thank you.

Food for summer camp: children can bring a bag lunch to camp or be give 5 to 10 dollars for the local store down the street(Subs and more)
Summer Camp Dates:

Summer Camp dates 2021 updated


7th – 11th    14th – 18th   21st – 25th


12th – 16th  19th – 23rd  26th – 30th


9th -13th  16th- 20th  23rd – 27th

Please Contact me at to confirm and reserve your spot for this summer or call 207-252-1002 for assistance or a call in.

In an email please send your child’s information. ex. Below

  1. Name

  2. Age

  3. Address

  4. Phone Number(Parents/Guardian)

  5. Medical/Emergency Contact

Any and all bill/payments can be sent to 9 Ford Lane Kittery, ME 03904 or can be placed into the farm money drop box located near the chalkboard

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp Infomation

  1. Hello, I am interested in sending my daughter to your camp for a week this summer. She will be 5 in August, so she may be too young though. How frequently do you make exceptions? Also, how much does one week cost?

    Maggie O’Brien


    1. Hello Maggie,
      Give me a call on my cell phone: 2072521002
      5 years of age is good for us it all depends on her capability with the horses and pings. We current have a student that is years old and loves the ponies and does very well.


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